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My beautiful wife, Marilynne, and myself. Read our love story here.

- William A. Gray, Ph.D. -

While approaching my eighth decade on this earth, I’ve looked back on the good times and the bad times with 20-20 hindsight. I realize that God has caused ALL things to work together for my good – because He loves me and I love Him and strive to fulfill His Purpose for me (Romans 8:28).


Going forward, my purpose is to share Lessons Learned and Spiritual Insights that He has orchestrated for me – so others can benefit from what I Learned, had to Unlearn, and then Relearned – multiple times. To share this, my main activities now are authoring books and online courses.


Socrates lived nearly 2500 years ago (470-399 BC). His famous maxim is as true today as it was then: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” My non-fiction books focus on topics that are relevant to living an “examined life” today:

  • God Nods on His Story About Me is my updated Spiritual Memoir. It describes the God Nods in my life – the people and events that God orchestrated so that I would come to Him like the Prodigal Son (my favorite Parable). It describes what I Learned, had to Unlearn, and then Relearned multiple times as I went through radical transformations (from practicing Religious Legalism, to embracing do-my-own-thing Humanism, to becoming a Born Again Christian).

  • Understanding Worldviews contrasts Bible-based Theism against eight other worldviews (Deism, Naturalism, Nihilism, Existentialism, Humanism, New Age, Post-modernism, and Islam). This provides “head knowledge” about the “truth-claims” that make each worldview “exclusively different” from the others. Readers also learn HOW to “ask questions” that make the proponents of other worldviews defend what they believe. Very practical and useful for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14).


My fiction books describe what’s called Contemporary Literary Realism, because these Stories describe recent events that are really occurring in society, so that readers become aware of this. Three Stories comprise a Trilogy based on the concept of God Nods – God-orchestrated events that fulfill His Purpose. God Nods are totally different than what “happens” because of Blind Fate, Good Fortune, Lady Luck, Random Chance, or Blind Coincidence.

  1. Book #1  – God Nods on True Love – addresses Naturalism/evolution so Christians won’t abandon their faith in our Supernatural Creator for a man-made worldview / ideology. Main characters also pursue different types of love that each desires – and help one another find this – with different consequences.

  2. Book #2  – God Nods on Truth – addresses Post-modernism because this ideology is taking over North America and is promoting a Post-Christian culture by “cancelling” everyone and everything that opposes its Anti-Christian ideology. Main characters work help one another “wake up” to the “woke culture” and stand up to this.

  3. Book #3  – God Nods on Destiny – addresses Islam because this political-religious worldview has been taking over Western Civilization since Mohammed started it 1400 years ago. Main characters work together to increase awareness of this and confront it.


Visit my website ( to access my online courses. Such as:

  • Purpose Driven Christian Mentoring for a Best-Fit Career – mentor youth to make right decisions that will fulfill God’s purpose and glorify Him.

  • Mentor One Another: Basic Training – identify Needs/Goals to achieve by carrying out a Mentoring Action Plan.

  • Mentor One Another: Advanced Training – help one another resolve difficult Challenges.

Interested in our love story?

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