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About God Nods on Destiny

COMING 2022!

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In Book #3 of the God Nods Trilogy, Bib marries an ex-Muslim (Kareem Farid), who devoutly tried to keep the rules of Sharia Law, such as praying towards Mecca five time a day, kneeling with face down. When Kareem could not keep Islam’s prescribed rules, he felt deep guilt. When he did abide by the rules, he felt self-righteous. All the while he wants something better than these religious mood swings. So, he examines what he has learned, then gives up what he must unlearn, so that he can relearn what The Bible proclaims about Jesus, his teachings, death, and resurrection.


This Story will follow main characters who know that Jesus came to set captives free from enslavement to religious legalism (keeping religious rules), which prevents them from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They decide to help Muslims go through the Learn-Unlearn Relearn Transformation each of them went through to Become a Born Again Christian.


The Theme is: “We know that God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)


God Nods are God-orchestrated events – during the good times and the bad times – that fulfill His Purpose for each believer. God Nods are totally different from what “just happens” because of Blind Fate, Good Fortune, Lady Luck, Random Chance, or Coincidence.


Story Line: Before Bib marries Kareem Farid, he reveals how God Nods led him to learn how to be a devout Muslim, and then unlearn all the doctrines and practices of Islam, so that he could relearn how Jesus died and rose from death “just for him.” Kareem begins a ministry to help Muslims reject enslavement to religious legalism and accept Jesus into their hearts and lives. While Bib is assisting Kareem, they realize how Islam has been imposing its political-religious worldview for over 1400 years, and now threatens to dominate the world as the fastest growing world religion. Gradually, they develop an agape-love commitment that leads to marriage.


Main Goal: To make people aware of Islam’s political-religious worldview and end-game strategy, Kareem and Bib enlist their best friends (Rod and Cindy Lou; JT and Marg).


Final Revelation: Like the main characters, readers understand how Islam is becoming the “fastest-growing world religion” because of coercion, and how Islamic Sharia Law will be imposed to take away basic human freedoms – of women and infidels.

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